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Welcome to Fall by GiaZeries

Have some stars! -Confetti style!- Still hate the star system to be honest.

Shit I can't think where to begin. I love it, and love how much of the character you were able to put in. Knowing and having gotten to play with Trey this really fits him well so that's definitely a bonus there.

I do love the colors and they fit the season and Trey both very well. The pose itself is fantastic, so visually this fits well together. Anything I am spotting are typical things that you have been improving on. I adore the background, and I do like the pattern/texture you used to make it seem like the sunlight is coming through a tree canopy. I approve this very much.

Shading: In environments like these, you could really play with a lot of color-reflections that I think would have been visually impacting if done right here. But that is just a mere mention, my concern is Trey's wings and the vines - these have been left flat. Yes you have the texture on them but you can clearly see trey's skin has been properly shaded under the texture, so that makes things sit oddly in my eye. (Something like last additions sorta thing, if I'm making sense). Regardless, it makes him looking from a more realistic style to a more 'cartoonish' and the mix just strikes me, personally, as weird.

My only other critique on this would be his attire. It's gorgeous in design, but as you may know I don't like brushes because of this: You just used it at it's regular setting. With how those gems would be on his body, they look flat and as such look like the brushes they are instead of entirely in the picture with him. Which is interesting because you did excellent on the environment with those brushes. =)

Also his eyes are gorgeous. <3
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