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June 6, 2009
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AA: Profiles by Tenor AA: Profiles by Tenor
Akari (White) and Anaka (Black). Old characters of mine who work on and off with Krelio. OLD character revamped from their original 98 forms. =3

Akari, Anaka (c) Me. (View below for combined profiles).

IN ACCORDANCE TO :iconfanartintegrityclub:
I took the Mary Sue Limus Test

Akari: 14
Anaka: 11
Owner: Ashley Shinavar (Tenor)

Name and Statuses:
Name: Akari and Anaka Tagas
Race: Echidna
Rank: Renegades
Blood: N/A
Bounty: 10k as AA.
Sexuality: Hetero.
Martial Status: Single.
[Akari:] Technology, Networking, Hacking.
[Anaka:] Defense/Combat, Lookout, MinorStealth

Age: 25 and look it. (Akari is older).
[Akari:] 160lbs with cybernetics
[Anaka:] 145lbs
Height: 6'
Eyes & Hair:
[Eyes:] Both have pink eyes.
[Hair:] Both are bald.
Skin: White, Albino: Anaka dyes his black, Akari only dyes parts black.
[Akari:] Tries to keep to clothing that keeps his cybernetic arm free. It is not connected, and as such needs to make sure the mobility is not hindered.
[Anaka:] Anything darker in response, preferring his trench coat but anything to aid to him slipping in and out of shadows.

Plasma Cannon: A gun, rather large that covers about his height of his body. It takes a WHILE to charge and can only fire once at a time. Each capsule holds enough for two shots and usually only carries 2 additional on him. Second functions a great bludgeoning weapon.

Metal Staff: Thick, and heavy enough to withstand many attacks from robots with enough strength behind it to put dents into swatbots like it's cool. Retractable into a cane by spinning the top section. DOES become a three section staff, though rarely lets it.
Handgun: Built by Akari, kept attached behind him on his belt, a small laser handgun. Bullets are too bulky to carry and the handgun just needs to be plugged in to recharge. Shoots either 25 small shots or 14 charged shots.

Networking: True to his echidna heritage, Akari is a genius in the technology field, to the degree he found a way to connect himself to travel inside a network system (He enters the Matrix LUL) - though he can enter it anywhere, it's most effective when behind his computers as it is done through combined effort of arm and dreadlock. He can enter it when not behind his own computers by attaching himself to any OTHER computer, or in open field through his own wireless connection, but in doing so grants only 30 minutes of power, which drains rather quickly.
Science: Much with the same genes, Akari is a bit on the inventive side; though content with only watching and observing, he does occasionally get a spur of mad-scientist moments (and often his brother is the guinea pig).

Battle Prowess: Surprisingly good in combat, despite what his big mouth says. Though not robotic as his brother is, he is gifted with the slightly above average speed of Mobians and the standard above average strength all Echidnas seem to have. However he still has good hand-eye coordination and experience to make sure he's not really a hindrance in battle.
Instinct: Something not a lot of people have, Anaka just seems to 'get things' sometimes, or also known as bat-logic. He can see dd coincidences and understand things that make sense only in HIS head and by pure luck it seems to work out anyways.

[Akari:] Dark and brooding and more than willing to put people in places he believes they are in. He knows power and usefulness when he sees it, and though understands everyone has a use, if it is of no use to him they are defaulted to worthless.
[Anaka:] Flirtatious and loving, cares for other lives but fun automatically defaults to priority number one at times.
[Akari:] Everyone. His brother's attitude, anybody messing with his stuff.
[Anaka:] Being bored, injustice.
[Akari:] Progress, results, a plan coming together for positive and gainful outcome.
[Anaka:] Fun, excitement, adventure, WOMEN.
[Akari:] Xenophobic, OCD, and general distrust of EVERYONE, hates to be touched, fear of his arm overheating.
[Anaka:] Impulsive belief all women are good deep down (if not dangerous though ~_^), his own impulses of what is fun and what is not, his nerve systems: (Due to birth dysfunction, he has dulled nerve endings - this makes it so he does not feel everything very well, reducing all nervous system by 45%. Good at times as he can recover from minor attacks without effort, bad because he's unaware how bad a wound really is and as such can cripple himself easily.)
[Akari:] Knowledge is power, clear head, strong morals and values (just has to be reminded he has them).
[Anaka:] Strong morals and values, dedication, tenacious.

Both were born and raised in Starlight City (altered for RP purposes), where their mother suffered from radiation while pregnant with them. She die at birthing the twins, but they were only effect by being born albino. Raised in poverty, the two created a close bond to one another, and also began Akari's steady distaste in everyone not his family. This harsh life taught the two how to steal, and gave the mechanics knowledge as they would repurpose any technology to what they needed, building a clubhouse (which later serves as their HQ) in a hidden section of the sewers where the water no longer traveled. Their small family passed away due to the radiation and poisoning and drugs, but the two remained diligent, making a small pact to help who they can when they can, and soon became known as AA, working behind the scenes to help any resistance force as they needed it. Though more known over the internet among technicians and scientists alike, the two also try and gain up storage parts that they sell if they don't use it outright for resistance as well. LEss likely to be known in non-city areas. No known image can be found of them.

Akari lost his arm and dread in an escape attempt to free some resistance members in another city. Anaka got captured in the process and while saving him, Akari suffered horrible wounds. He did not lose his arms, but lost the ability to use it (and about half of the meat on it ANYways) and as such once healed he built himself a new one, cutting off his old to be useful once more). This increased their time on the internet as Akari learned and figured ways to tap into the networks in a much more efficient (yet dangerous) way.

Relations with Krelio: In their early teens and just starting out, a runaway brat green hedgehog joined their ranks for a few years, learning the natural stealth and surpassing it of Anaka's. He became a little brother to them, and to this day on and off works with them for thieving heists and the likes. Is also the only known non-echidna Akari has managed to get along with outside of business ventures.

Tip: Despite how much it seems, Akari DOES love his brothers.
Tip: Don't ask how Akari got his arm. He won't tell, and Anaka tells a different story each time.
Tip: Krelio is their younger, surrogate brother and treat him (and claim) as such.

Disclaimor: Nothing comes to mind.
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